Frank Magliato

One compliment many of his business associates give Frank Magliato is that he has a phenomenal ability to see many opportunities from a number of angles. This makes him uniquely capable of making any situation work. His background is quite varied, in that it includes well over 35 years’ experience in public and private equity transactions in many diverse business areas, including telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and social media.

Frank Magliato’s experience includes his founding and financing of Digitec2000, Inc., but he also has an impressive level of education, starting with his degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his business degree from New York University. However, as impressive as his education may be, it is his stewardship of Digitec2000, a telecom company specializing in prepaid domestic and international calling, that serves as a high point. In fact, it was so successful, he essentially duplicated it when he founded and ran a successful telephone long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc., for a time.