Frank Magliato

Finding an experienced financial advisor can be a tricky feat. One would need someone with economic fluency as well an understanding of equity transactions. The ability to detect when changes should be made is a unique skill that takes time to obtain. Frank Magliato has over 35 years of experience in the equity financial services field. The experiences that he has gained allows him to make sound and profitable decisions for his clients. He uses the knowledge gained from previous deals to help him with each and every one of his future deals. Risk opportunities can be tricky to navigate, but with all that experience, Frank Magliato has become somewhat of an expert.

Frank Magliato is the president of Saddle River Associates & Company which is a private equity company. Frank Magliato has managed the completion of more than $500 million worth of projects. These projects have a variety of processes such as a real estate development project in Panama that was worth more than $150 million as well as the sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to one of the largest food companies in the world, Del Monte. These deals are examples of Frank Magliato’s diligence to difficult projects that he uses for the betterment of all his clients. Let Frank Magliato help you achieve your equity goals with confidence because of the experience of your advisor.