Frank MagliatoThere is no denying it; Frank Magliato has been sharpening his business acumen in many ways for more than 30 years, in what can be described as an extremely diverse business career. When Frank was president of Saddle River Associates & Company, an equity trader, he showed his mettle as a specialist in corporate transactions. At the time, he helped to complete more than $500 million of projects, including a huge sale in which food conglomerate Del Monte purchased Natural Balance Pet Foods.

At most times in his career, Frank Magliato has been quite a good entrepreneur. One example is the time he helped finance and co-founded Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company whose primary business was selling prepaid domestic and international long distance calling. He served as their president for a time, as well. In fact, that venture was so successful, he essentially repeated that success when he co-founded and financed long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc. Put simply, Frank Magliato has a long record of success with his clients because he has many of the same business experiences in his background, That’s why clients trust him completely.