Frank Magliato is a Dealmaker Who Knows Business

Frank Magliato

One compliment many of his business associates give Frank Magliato is that he has a phenomenal ability to see many opportunities from a number of angles. This makes him uniquely capable of making any situation work. His background is quite varied, in that it includes well over 35 years’ experience in public and private equity transactions in many diverse business areas, including telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and social media.

Frank Magliato’s experience includes his founding and financing of Digitec2000, Inc., but he also has an impressive level of education, starting with his degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his business degree from New York University. However, as impressive as his education may be, it is his stewardship of Digitec2000, a telecom company specializing in prepaid domestic and international calling, that serves as a high point. In fact, it was so successful, he essentially duplicated it when he founded and ran a successful telephone long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc., for a time.

Dealmaker Frank Magliato Does Well for Clients and Others

Frank MagliatoThere is no denying it; Frank Magliato has been sharpening his business acumen in many ways for more than 30 years, in what can be described as an extremely diverse business career. When Frank was president of Saddle River Associates & Company, an equity trader, he showed his mettle as a specialist in corporate transactions. At the time, he helped to complete more than $500 million of projects, including a huge sale in which food conglomerate Del Monte purchased Natural Balance Pet Foods.

At most times in his career, Frank Magliato has been quite a good entrepreneur. One example is the time he helped finance and co-founded Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company whose primary business was selling prepaid domestic and international long distance calling. He served as their president for a time, as well. In fact, that venture was so successful, he essentially repeated that success when he co-founded and financed long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc. Put simply, Frank Magliato has a long record of success with his clients because he has many of the same business experiences in his background, That’s why clients trust him completely.

This is How Frank Magliato Does Business

Frank MagliatoFor quite some time, Frank Magliato has managed to use his deep experience to sharpen his skills as a businessman. He does that because he knows deep down that experience is the best teacher. He has plenty of formal education, of course, having earned a degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University, but he seems to rank his practical education, borne out of experience as being just as valuable, if not more so.

There is a lot of practical experience to guide Frank Magliato. For example, he was once President of Saddle River Associates & Company, a private equity company, where he served as a specialist in corporate transactions. From that position, he participated in projects worth more than $500 million of projects. Frank’s experience runs to private and public equity transactions in many different financial areas and he has helped to guide deals in a great many areas, including mining, social media, telecom and real estate development.

Many clients who have worked with Frank Magliato closely describe him as a talented investment professional who is uniquely skilled at identifying business opportunities and acting on them at the moment that provides the greatest benefit to them. He certainly seems more than able to see such opportunities from many different angles, which may be why he is able to make the best deal in virtually any situation. Frank Magliato has loads of experience in public and private equity transactions in virtually every business sector, including real estate development, retail , telecommunications, and many others. That experience has served him well.

Frank Magliato – Experienced Equity Financial Advisor

Frank Magliato

Finding an experienced financial advisor can be a tricky feat. One would need someone with economic fluency as well an understanding of equity transactions. The ability to detect when changes should be made is a unique skill that takes time to obtain. Frank Magliato has over 35 years of experience in the equity financial services field. The experiences that he has gained allows him to make sound and profitable decisions for his clients. He uses the knowledge gained from previous deals to help him with each and every one of his future deals. Risk opportunities can be tricky to navigate, but with all that experience, Frank Magliato has become somewhat of an expert.

Frank Magliato is the president of Saddle River Associates & Company which is a private equity company. Frank Magliato has managed the completion of more than $500 million worth of projects. These projects have a variety of processes such as a real estate development project in Panama that was worth more than $150 million as well as the sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to one of the largest food companies in the world, Del Monte. These deals are examples of Frank Magliato’s diligence to difficult projects that he uses for the betterment of all his clients. Let Frank Magliato help you achieve your equity goals with confidence because of the experience of your advisor.